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BGR Plan

BCOM Guarantee Replacement Plan

BCOM Guarantee Replacement Plan (BGR Plan) is the industry best enhanced warranty plan for our customers. The Plan will extend the protection on products purchased from BCOM. We guarantee only genuine new replacement components and parts are used when the industry standard is still using used, refurbished or reconditioned components and parts.

BCOM Guarantee Replacement Plan Policy

Replacement Services

  • Within the coverage period, simply return any defective product purchased with BCOM BGR Plan to any BCOM location together with the original invoice and all original accessories. A replacement fee may apply for any original parts or accessories not returned. BCOM reserves the right to verify the defective product before a replacement is issued.

  • Coverage for computer system applies to the system (CPU) unit only (excluding any external peripherals). Additional time may be required for the verification process for custom built computer system.

  • Discontinued Products Under BGR Plan

  • Defective products purchased with BCOM BGR Plan that are discontinued will be replaced with an equivalent product of equal or better technical specifications.

Data Backup And Recovery

  • BCOM is not responsible for any data backup and recovery on any returned defective storage products.

Total Technology Protection on System

  • BCOM BGR Plan guarantees technology compatibility on our computer system. Anytime a defective component or part of the computer system is replaced, BCOM guarantees the compatibility of the entire computer system if it means other functional components and/or parts are required to be upgraded.

Total Technology Protection on Parts

  • BCOM BGR Plan guarantees technology compatibility on parts purchased on the same invoice. Anytime a defective part is replaced, BCOM guarantees the compatibility of all remaining parts on the same invoice that has unexpired and valid coverage.

Dead Free or Stuck Free Pixels on LCD

  • BCOM BGR Plan coverage includes zero dead or zero stuck pixel on all LCD monitors (excluding special order LCD).

Service and Labour Protection

  • BCOM BGR Plan includes service and labour protection. Customer only pays for the same service charge once. BCOM will waive all subsequent service charges during the coverage period due to defective component or part replacement. This protection is limited to installation of hardware and software to the original manufacturer settings.

Express Services

  • Customer receives priority replacement service during the coverage period.

Transferrable Warranty

  • BCOM BGR Plan is transferrable upon change of ownership. Proof of new ownership and original invoice must be included with the request for warranty service.

Shipment Service for Online Customers

  • BCOM BGR Plan includes round trip shipping service (ground economical) to online purchaser in Canada during the warranty coverage period provided the original purchase was shipped directly to the customer (in-store pickup not included). Customer will be responsible for the round trip shipping charge if no fault is found in the returned product.


  • This warranty does not cover any consumable product including (but not limited to) projector bulbs, printer ink, toner cartridges, printer drums and batteries.

  • Warranty does not cover damages attributable to misuse, physical damage, accident, modifications or repaired from other third party service provider.

  • The liquid cooled system is not eligible for BCOM Guarantee Replacement Plan (BGR Plan).

  • Virus scanning and/or software support are not cover by the BGR Plan. Fault or problem caused by virus or other malicious software found will be accessed a virus scanning fee or virus cleaning fee.

  • Usability issues (especially in dealing with operating systems) are not covered under this warranty. Technical support will be billed at standard support rate.

  • Customer alterations to system configuration files which result in adverse effects to a system are not covered under this warranty and any error fixing will be billed at the standard support rate.

  • Warranty is VOID if any component, part and/or product security seals or serial numbers have been removed, tampered or altered.


  • BCOM shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or cost to the customer that is attributable to any cause beyond the reasonable control of BCOM, including any labour dispute.

  • BCOM does not accept any liability whatsoever for loss of data or software. We strongly recommend backing up critical data and programs prior to returning hardware for service.

  • BCOM liability shall be limited in all cases, whether founded in contract, tort or otherwise, to the customer's direct damages. BCOM shall not be liable for any punitive exemplary, aggravated, or consequential damages resulting from the non-delivery, late delivery, use of, and inability of the customer to use the goods. BCOM is not responsibility for any economic loss.

  • Under no circumstances shall the liability of BCOM to the customer exceed the purchase price of the goods and services.

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